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This is my personal webspace. If you’re not interested in knowing about me, then please move on. I’m the brains behind a company called Orthodox Daily, yeah, you read that right – Orthodox Daily. It’s kind of an odd name, but hey, it works. The name was created because back when SMS was around, I came up with the idea to text subscribers a daily text about the Orthodox Christian saint-of-the-day, kinda thing. That all turned to rubbish when the smartphone came out, so I scrapped the idea and kept the name; kewl right?

Anyway, now my company is thriving and we’ve opened a lot of doors including Web Design with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and countless other platforms to entirely scratch sites. Essentially, I was adding a lot of value into the Web Design packages in the beginning and decided to separate those things out and offer my Clients an more robust and clearer understanding of exactly what’s in a website. It’s not just code, ya know.

So blah blah blah, if you want to read more about my main job, go visit it at the Asheville Web Design link here.

I’m a WordPress freak and completely and utterly stand behind the community. I value life, and death. I’m a lion and a lamb. Light like a feather, heavy as lead.

From WordPress to Orthodoxy & Beyond


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